About the Artist

There are so many stories that need to be told, it's just a matter of getting them all on the canvas!

​“If you are a a History Buff or Civil War Fan, Jeff's artwork is truly remarkable, he captures the emotion of the man in the front lines!”                                                                                                                                - David Matthew Procaccini, President of the Nathanael Greene Homestead

    Jeff Trexler is a Professional Artist and Illustrator. His love for painting and drawing developed at a young age. Over the years his talent was obvious to all who saw his work. He became a student at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. It was there he crafted his talent through long classes of figure study, landscape, and animal drawing. This is where he learned composition, color theory and what made a painting work and not work. Jeff studied under the instruction of some excellent teachers. Oliver Grimly and Renee Foulks. They let the young artist express himself and paint his passion. It was during these two classes he learned the most, and mastered his pencil work. Jeff has combined his love for history with his passion for art , and has developed into an outstanding and exciting young artist.

     The artist is currently working with the Camp Chase Gazette and other civil war publications. "There are so many paintings to be done " he says "It is just a matter of research and time. Many of Jeff's original Paintings now reside in various private collections. "I want to tell their story, bring it to life, for people to see and learn about. That is why I do this. I love to be able to think about how a scene may have looked and translate that to the canvas." 


Historical Artist

Jeff Trexler

Fine Artist and Illustrator
for www.trexlerhistoricalart.com. 


Photographers Assistant

Amanda Trexler

Duties may involve making a technical assessment of the site in advance, checking for vehicle access, power and communications facilities. They will often organize transport, catering and accommodation, set up equipment.


Artist Assistant

Barry Derrickson

Works closely with the artist in setting up photo sessions with various models. Works on the authenticity of each scene and finding the right look for each model.

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